Test Automation

Elevate your testing process with comprehensive automation for all user interactions on real devices, ensuring seamless and accurate results.

Real Device Testing

Utilize the Mosaic Test Agent for active testing with real user equipment, providing a true representation of user experience.

Analytics & Reporting

Gain deep insights with Illumina Analytics, offering intuitive data integration and customizable dashboards for comprehensive reporting.

5G Testing

Address the complexity of 5G networks with tailored testing solutions, ensuring your services meet evolving quality standards.

Professional Services

Leverage our expertise in test automation and mobile device testing to optimize your testing practices and achieve superior outcomes.

MCPTT & Private Networks

Specialized testing solutions for mission-critical communications and private 4G/5G networks, ensuring reliability and performance.

Latest Innovations

Discover the cutting edge of mobile testing with our most recent innovations. Each product is crafted to navigate the complexities of today's mobile landscape, ensuring impeccable performance across all devices and network scenarios. Explore how our latest tools can refine your testing workflow, improve accuracy, and drastically cut down your time to market.

Avanti Automation Platform Image

Avanti Automation Platform

Elevate your testing capabilities with the Avanti Automation Platform, an end-to-end solution for active testing across voice, video, data, and messaging on any device. Avanti automates complex user interactions, offering centralized control and extensive scalability for global testing operations.

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Illumina Analytics Engine Image

Illumina Analytics Engine

Gain unparalleled insights into network performance and user behavior with the Illumina Analytics Engine. This powerful tool integrates with Avanti to turn complex data into actionable intelligence, enhancing service delivery and user experience.

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Motif Scripting Studio Image

Motif Scripting Studio

Streamline your testing process with Motif Scripting Studio. From simple record and playback to advanced multi-ended scripting, Motif enhances efficiency, enabling rapid automation of tests and validation of KPIs across multiple platforms.

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For businesses preferring in-house control, offering full autonomy over the testing environment and data.

  • Full Control Over Tests & Output
  • On-premises Integration
  • Enhanced Data Privacy & Security

Testing as a Service

We oversee and execute the testing workflow, providing you with valuable data and insights for immediate action.

  • Zero Infrastructure Setup
  • Scalable Testing Solutions
  • Comprehensive Reporting & Analysis

IoT Connected
Device Testing

Optimized for IoT ecosystems, ensuring comprehensive testing for seamless device connectivity and performance.

  • Device Interoperability Tests
  • Network Performance Evaluation
  • Scalable Testing Environment

Our Home

Located in Renton, WA, part of the Greater Seattle Area, our office serves as a hub for innovation and expertise in mobile testing solutions. Nestled in a region known for its technological advancements and vibrant tech community, we are perfectly positioned to collaborate with industry leaders and stay at the forefront of mobile testing technology.

Our strategic location allows us to offer our clients cutting-edge testing services while drawing on the rich technological ecosystem of the Seattle Greater Area. Whether you're nearby or from further afield, we're here to provide top-tier mobile testing solutions tailored to your needs.

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