Leading in technological innovation, our product lineup—Mosaic, Avanti, Illumina, and Motif—transforms the mobile experience. Mosaic enables extensive real device testing remotely, Avanti enhances efficiency with its automation platform, Illumina provides deep network insights through advanced analytics, and Motif simplifies test script creation with its intuitive scripting studio. Collectively, they deliver a robust solution for superior mobile network reliability and user experience.

Mosaic Real Device Test Agents

Mosaic Test Agents support active testing and user experience monitoring for a wide array of network services across different devices. With an OS and device-agnostic architecture, Mosaic provides comprehensive controls for real, remote device testing, ensuring a truer representation of user experience.

  • Comprehensive device testing on Android, iOS, wearables, and IoT for authentic user experience insights.
  • Centralized SIM management with dynamic assignment and eSIM support for versatile testing scenarios.
  • OS agnostic and device-agnostic architecture ensuring seamless support and integration for all devices.
  • In-depth hardware integration paired with advanced remote control features for unparalleled test precision and automation.
Avanti Automation Platform

The Avanti Automation Platform provides continuous service monitoring and fully automates mobile experiences, covering voice, video, data, and messaging. Its Open RESTful API facilitates seamless integration and flexibility. Centralized SIM management and scalable architecture guarantee adaptability and extensive testing coverage.

  • Continuous Monitoring & Testing: 24/7 oversight with proactive issue detection.
  • Automated User Experience: Mimics real-world user interactions end-to-end.
  • Integration Ease: Utilizes an Open RESTful API for seamless system compatibility.
  • Scalability & Communication: Supports extensive scaling and complex scenario testing.
Illumina Analytics & Reporting Engine

Illumina Analytics & Reporting Engine offers in-depth network insights with customizable reporting and intuitive data visualization. It integrates third-party data for a complete network view, enabling proactive decisions and optimization. Illumina's advanced tech identifies bottlenecks and predicts challenges, ensuring optimal service quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Comprehensive Analytics: Offers 360-degree insights into network performance.
  • Visual Data Interpretation: Provides intuitive tools for easy understanding of complex data.
  • Custom Reporting: Tailors reports to specific analytical needs and streamlines data analysis.
  • Integrated Insights: Cross-references third-party data for enhanced network understanding.
Motif Scripting Studio

Motif Scripting Studio enhances automation with its sophisticated scripting, tailored for both beginners and experts. It provides a robust IDE, flexible scripting for complex tasks, and straightforward record-playback features. With reusable libraries, Motif optimizes testing processes and boosts operational efficiency.

  • Comprehensive IDE: Full-featured development environment for script creation and management.
  • Flexible Scripting: Supports dynamic, multi-ended scripting for complex automation tasks.
  • Streamlined Creation: User-friendly recording features for easy script generation and playback.
  • Optimized Efficiency: Reusable libraries and advanced debugging tools for enhanced test management.